A3 Document Scanner – The AV5400

The AV5400 is Avision’s next generation of A3 document scanner. Based on CIS ( Contact Image Sensor ) technology, the scanner is much more slimmer compared to traditional scanner with CCD design.

Capable of scanning up to A3 size, the slim AV5400 is perfectly suited to scan complete book spreads, two letter-sized pages (simultaneously), large-format magazines, legal-sized documents, photographs and more, all in brilliant color.

Product Details



▍A Fast, and Duplex Scanner

The AV5400 supports paper up to A3 size. Yet, it is also a fast scanner. With the 50-page auto document feeder, the AV5400 offers high scan rate of up to 50 pages per minute and 100 images per minute ( B&W, 300 dpi, landscape ). The 50-page auto document feeder is also robust enough to feed paper in size between 5.8″ x 8.3″ and A3 (11.7″ x 16.5″ ) and in weight between 60 g/m2 (16 lb. ) and 105 g/m2 ( 28 lb. ).

▍Multiple Crop Feature

In addition, the scanner comes with the convenient feature of multiple images cropping. With this feature, various sizes of documents such as photos, ID Cards, or business cards can be placed on the flatbed and the scanner is able to crop and create multiple images according to the original sizes in one single scan.

▍Earth-Friendly LED Technology

The AV5400 delivers high throughput and outstanding performance. However, it is earth-friendly at the same time. The LED technology requires no warm up time and is lower power consumption without generating mercury vapor as other traditional scanners using the CCFL ( cold cathode fluorescent lamp ) technology.

▍Complete bundled software applications

The AV5400 come with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, and are bundled with a suite of powerful software applications that include Avision Button Manager V2, AvScan 5.0, and ScanSoft PaperPort 11SE. With Button Manager V2, you can scan to searchable PDF, JPEG, BMP, or GIF file format, save to folder on your computer, and scan to e-mail, image editing application, or a cloud application such as Google Docs or Microsoft SharePoint with a press of a button. The AVScan V5 and ScanSoft PaperPort are highly effective image processing and document management software that helps you streamline your task more efficiently.



  • Fast scan rate of 50 ppm in simplex mode or 100 ipm in duplex mode in B&W at 300 dpi
  • ADF and flatbed accepts paper up to A3 size ( 11.7” x 16.5” )
  • Support long page scanning up to 118” ( 300 cm )
  • LED light source requires no warm-up time
  • Deliver color, grayscale, or black and white image simultaneously in one scan
  • Scans documents and embossed hard cards
  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection provides efficient multi-page scanning uninterruptedly
  • Press a button to scan, create searchable PDF, print, e-mail, or link to cloud servers such as Google Docs or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Includes industry standard TWAIN / ISIS drivers


Certification mark

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General Specification

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

Light Source


Document feeding mode

Flatbed and ADF

Resolution (dpi)


Output Resolution (dpi)


File Formats

BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, Single-Page PDF, Multi-Page PDF, Multi-TIFF, TIFF, RTF, TXT, OCR( for iScan only ), XPS, DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCS, XLSX, PPTX, HTML

Halftone Patterns

Dither and Error Diffusion

Grayscale mode

16-bit input 8-bit output

Color mode

48-bit input 24-bit output

Dimensions (WxDxH)

585 x 499 x 195 mm ( 23 x 19.6 x 7.7 in )


11.81 kg ( 26.04 lb. )


USB 2.0

Power Consumption

Operation : < 35 W;standby : < 12 W;Power saving : < 2.9 W

Recommended Daily Volume

Up to 3,000 sheets

OS Support

Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win11

Bundled Software

TWAIN Driver, ISIS Driver, Button Manager, PaperPort, AVScan

Ultrasonic paper jam detection


Long Paper Mode

Up to 118 in. ( 300 dpi @ color simplex )

Scan Size
ADF Minimum

148 x 210 mm ( 5.8 x 8.3 in )

ADF Maximum

297 x 420 mm ( 11.7 x 16.5 in )

ADF Capacity

50 sheets

Paper Weight (Thickness )

( up to 170 g/m² with limitations ), 60 ~ 105 g/m² ( 16 to 28 lb )

Scanning Speed
B/W @ 200dpi, A4

Simplex : 50 ppm;Duplex : 100 ipm

B/W @ 300dpi, A4

Simplex : 50 ppm;Duplex : 100 ipm

Color @ 200dpi, A4

Simplex : 30 ppm;Duplex : 60 ipm

Color @ 300dpi, A4

Simplex : 30 ppm;Duplex : 60 ipm

* The above specifications may vary due to computer performance and sales regions. For further details, please consult your local distributor.

▎Product Photos

High resolution Medium resolution Low resolution
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▎User Manual

AV5400Русский4.79 MBDownload
AV5400Português4.27 MBDownload
AV5400Polski4.72 MBDownload
AV5400한국어4.43 MBDownload
AV5400日本語4.47 MBDownload
AV5400Italiano4.41 MBDownload
AV5400עברית5.09 MBDownload
AV5400Français4.22 MBDownload
AV5400Español4.44 MBDownload
AV5400English4.28 MBDownload
AV5400Deutsch4.13 MBDownload
AV5400繁體中文4.26 MBDownload
AV5400简体中文4.39 MBDownload


AV5400繁體中文394.30 KBDownload
AV5200English232.25 KBDownload
AV5400简体中文431.48 KBDownload
AV5400Español201.37 KBDownload


NameVersionSizeOS SupportLink
PaperPort14455.79 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
World Card TeamV3.0.0.0(WCT)235 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
ButtonManager V2V3.0.0.0595 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
AVScan XV1.2.1.1549.70 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download


NameVersionSizeOS SupportLink
AV5400VB.2024.43 MBWin XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win Download


  • The scanner works well except for the line art image. The lines in the image seem to be much thicker than the original one.

    Increase the Brightness or adjust the Threshold setting to improve line art image.

  • ▎Hardware Related

  • While scanning, the scanner often makes noises, or it scans back and forth.

    Usually this means the memory of your computer is not enough or the speed of your CPU too slow. Please try to increase your memory to at least 32M or replace your CPU with Pentium or later.

  • Paper becomes jammed during scanning.

    1. Open the front door.

    2. Pull out the jammed paper carefully.

    3. Close the front door.

  • When the scanner is powered on, it makes noises and won’t stand ready.

    There are two possibilities:

    1.You might fail to push the scanner shipping lock to its “unlocked” position. If this is the case, pull the scanner status switch to its “unlocked” position first.

    2.The scanner is not placed on an even, flat desktop surface. This may cause the scanner to malfunction.