Avision Button Manager

Button Manager provides you an easy way to scan your document and then link the scanned image to your designated software application. All this can be done by a simple touch of the button on the scanner.

Complete your scan in a single step

Avision Button Manager enables you to complete complex scanning task in just a single step. When the button is pressed, the scanner automatically scan your documents and convert them to searchable PDF, or other image format and then send the file to a designated folder, or other destination applications such as e-mail, printer, or your favorable software application. The original step-by-step procedure is replaced with only a Single touch of the button.

Fit for both first-time and experienced users alike
For first-time users, Avision Button Manager provides a true ease-of-use with the 8 pre-configured file formats and destinations. For advanced users, Avision Button Manager makes full customization possible. For example, you can change scan settings, file formats, or even add new destination software application to fit your own scanning need.

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