Green Procurement

We fulfill our social responsibility to protect the Earth's environment, is committed to promoting environment protection activities.

At every stage, from product development to manufacturing, we endeavor to identify substances contained in materials in order to prohibit and reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances and to suppress emissions. Therefore we are calling our suppliers for understanding and cooperation in our ecological activities.
Green Procurement Guidebook Ver.9.0 (revised April 2018) Declaration of Conformity Ver.3.0 (revised October 2017) Substances Survey Table Ver.9.0(revised April 2018)
Green Procurement Guidebook(Halogen-Free) Ver.4.0 (revised March 2018) Declaration of Conformity(Halogen-Free) Ver.2.0 (revised January 2017) Substances Survey Table(Halogen-Free) Ver.4.0(revised March 2018)
*Halogen-Free means all applies to halogen-free product specified by Avision.
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