Avision announces that it has received a red dot product design 2012 award for its latest Mobile Scanner – MiWard 2 Pro

Avision announces today that its latest Mobile Scanner - the MiWand 2 Pro has won a red dot product design 2012 award, one of Europe’s most distinguished design awards.

The red dot award is recognition of Avision’s successful approach in mobile scanning solution. Integrating a large LCD screen and advanced dual-roller scanning technology, the MiWand 2 Pro delivers quality scanned image by simply gliding the device over a page or any surface. With the addition of a feeder dock, the MiWand 2 Pro makes automatic scan possible by simply inserting a page to the feeder dock.

Earlier this year, the MiWand 2 Pro has been named winners of “2011 Taiwan Excellence” award from Taiwan National Economic Affairs Department. These two events are among the most prestigious in the world of product design.

MiWand 2 PRO –Mobile Bookedge Scanner With Feeder Dock

Key Features
* Scan resolution: 300dpi or 600dpi
* Scan mode: color or mono
* Save file format: JPG or PDF
* Power saving mode
* LCD on/off selection
* Anti-mirror
* Auto-crop (docking mode only)
* Orientation: Portrait/Landscape

* Format micro SD card
* Calibration model
* Detachable feeder dock (Auto-feed) for handheld scanner
* 1.8-inch color LCD to show preview image and setting


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