Avision to attend Smart Asia India Expo and Summit

Organizedby the Taipei World Trade Center, TWTC (Sister organization of Taiwan ExternalTrade Development Council, TAITRA), the “Smart Asia India Expo and Summit"will be held in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from 4th to 6thOctober, mainly discussing on Smart Transportation, Smart Energy & Watermanagement, Smart City Development & Environmental Sustainability and IoTSolutions. Avision is also invited to attend and exhibit our lately smartsolutions accordingly.

Smart application system

Avision’s Smart ApplicationSystem, the ideal intelligent kiosk system for e-government, is a standaloneterminal integrating a user friendly LCD touch screen, a high-quality scanner,and a printer. It is a self-sufficient device designed to independently handlethe process of an application between the government and its citizens. Theterminal will take over authentication through text recognition process on thedigitized ID card and application form without any government officials gettinginvolved. Avision’s Smart Application System makes everyday life easier formillions of citizens, while reducing cost of ownership and time for government.

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Wifi Image Transmitter

Real-Time Recognition (RTR) technologies speeds-up and greatly reducesthe costs of processing packages, mailed letters, parcel registration,tracking, and delivery. Instead of typing long tracking numbers and addresses,the technologies allows users to simply capture the tracking numbers, postalcodes, addresses etc. and extract this information right from the labelsthemselves.

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Cloud Finance Solution

Our innovative multi-purpose scanning workstation offers enterprise aprofessional, fast and cost - effective tool. As long as a large number ofinvoices/documents can be digitized and sent to the cloud via the Internet.Combined with the cloud accounting system, enterprises can transfer complicatedfinancial documents to the third-party professional accounting serviceproviders to handle the accounting process, which not only rapidly but alsogreatly reduces the cost.

Avision brings that vision to life with our networkscanners. The scanner is no longer bound to a few local computers or peripherals.Now the only limit is the extent of the network, which is virtually limitless.

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Personal Document Management Solution

Designed to appeal to average users, Avision’s PaperAir Manager isdocument manager software application featuring easy-to-install, easy-to-use,and easy-to-search. You can find your document easily by entering more than onekeyword or by defining your tag information. PaperAir Manager is the idealsolution to digitize, store, and search your document effectively for homeusers, small office and business as well.

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CloudPrinting Solution

The Avision Cloud PrintingSolution enables mobile users to send and print anything when their mobiledevices and printer are connected to the same wireless network. Withoutphysically connecting to a printer or downloading drivers, users can make theirdocument workflow needs much faster and easier. To print, simply sendfiles or images from your device to printer if your device is networkconnected, you'll quickly learn how easy and convenient it is to print nearlyany type of file.

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