Taiwan Expo 2019 in India

Targeting New Southbound countries as potential strategic partners for economic cooperation, the Taiwan Expo has assisted manufacturers in creating more cooperation opportunities for the past years. Avision is pleased to invite you to attend the Taiwan Expo exhibition from 16 to 18 May at Pragati Maidan Hall in New Delhi, India. We will showcase our innovative X2030 self-serve copier, personal document management Paperair215, Wifi HD Camera CM5 and high-speed scan station-AN240 in the exhibition

Self-Service Copier

Self-service business solutions are all the rage on these days which has brought great business opportunities to markets. Avision is proud to introduce the innovative X2030 self-service copier, features mobile payment which helps business owners reduce the labor costs. Thanks to its space-saving design which only takes up little space on the desk. Along with high-performance chip which has the capability to replace PC, it enables copier operating without a connection to the PC. X2030 offers powerful features including ID card copy, cloud printing, USB printing, and mobile printing that brings more convenience to consumers. Additionally Avision develops an exclusive cloud monitoring system that is able to detect issues of a device and provides supportive service accordingly. X2030 self-service copier is the ideal solution for the retailer to boost their sales.

Personal document management

Designed to appeal to average users, Avision’s PaperAir Manager is document manager software application featuring easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-search. You can find your document easily by entering more than one keyword or by defining your tag information. PaperAir Manager is the ideal solution to digitize, store, and search your document effectively for home users, small office and business as well.At 11.8 inches long and weighting only 1.4 kg, the Avision PaperAir 215 incorporates a built-in automatic document feeder ( ADF ) and card scanner in a compact unit. With the innovative design of a fordable automatic document feeder and a front/rear tray, the PaperAir 215 is easy to travel with and lets you bring productivity of batches scanning to any workplace.

High-Speed Scan Station

The AN240W is a 40 page-per-minute, duplex, and network scanner that is fast, reliable, and affordable for business where scanning plastic ID cards, business cards, documents or other heavy card stock is necessary. With simply one button, the AN240W improves your business efficiency by scanning and sending the document to various destinations including e-mail, cloud servers, a shared folder (CIFS), a FTP server, and a USB flash drive. Plus, with the wireless networking capability, the AN240W offers mobile scanning through Avision’s App.

Wifi HD Camera CM5

Avision WI-FI HD Camera CM5-W(Hato)is a handheld smart logistics device that is able to take the photo of the delivery receipt, proceed image processing, and extract the text in a fast and intelligent way. The operation can be done in less than a second including taking the photo, proceeding image enhancements such as auto rotate, auto crop and deskew, auto distortion correction, performing the Optical Text Recognition (OCR) process, and finally extracting the text in specified areas. This intuitive process can be applied to various scenarios such as courier pickup and delivery service, warehousing process, and so on. By using Avision CM5-W, the receiver’s information can be obtained in an unprecedented fast way and courier service providers will be able to plan logistic resources in advance to make efficiency greatly improved.

Exhibition Info

Taiwan Expo 2019


16~18, May, 2019


Pragati Maidan Hall in New Delhi, India


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