Congratulations! Avision’s CapsoCam Plus® is now covered under National Health Insurance Program!

Avision’s CapsoCam Plus® is now covered under National Health Insurance Program

Avision Inc. has been devoted to the medical device since 2012, and came across a rare opportunity by working together with U.S.-based company Capsovision Inc. to develop exciting new technologies and becoming the sole distributor of that product in Taiwan, and officially being released to the market.
CapsoCam Plus system is an endoscope system composed of the CapsoCam Plus® Endoscope, CapsoView® and CapsoAccess® which is developed by Capsovision and Avision team. Besides, CapsoCam Plus® and its accessories have had FDA, CE and TFDA approvals!

How CapsoCam Plus Works

Firstly patients need to swallow the vitamin-sized CapsoCam Plus® just like taking a pill with water. Then the capsule will be pushed forward by the peristalsis of the digestive tract. In the meantime, the CapsoCam Plus® starts to capture panoramic gastrointestinal tract images when capsule passes through the tract. During the period, patients can still live normal and won’t feel unwell. After patients retrieve the CapsoCam Plus® with the CapsoRetrieve® tool, physician can quickly play back and reviews patient data through CapsoView® application.

Compared to competitors, the CapsoCam Plus® is equipped to take 360-degree panoramic images with 4 cameras in 221,884 pixeled-resolutions. This allows doctors to take wider panoramic GI tract images without any blind-spots, an advantage over competitors that traditionally use 1 or 2 cameras. Another advantage that the CapsoCam Plus® holds is its battery-life – it has a 15-hour battery life, sufficient enough for the camera to take enough images before it is discharged from the body. The best thing is the CapsoCam Plus® stores image in the on-board memory, patients can move freely without wearing data receivers and sensors after swallowing the CapsoCam Plus®. There is no cost for receiver storage, installation time, and sterilization of the receiver patch.

The good news is that the CapsoCam Plus® has been covered by the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA). Therefore, every citizen can enjoy health care at a reasonable expense. Now patients can get more convenience and less pain in endoscopy. Undoubtedly, CapsoCam Plus® makes a great leap forward in medical technology!


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