Brief Description

An Easy-to-Use Network Scan Center

Through a few touches on the 10” touch panel, document distribution becomes fast and easy

Product Details

An Effective Document Distribution Tool
If you wish your document can be transferred more effectively and efficiently,do not rely on traditional solution to buy a separate printer, scanner or copier. It costs thousands of dollars and plus you need to convert your paper documents to digital format to be shared on the network.With Avision Scan Center 8800 and a network printer, you do not have the trouble to make a hard copy on a copier and then digitize them on a separate scanner. The Avision Scan Center 8800 is a ethernet-ready device integrating scan-to-email, scan-to-filing, and networking into one single unit.

The scan-to-email feature lets you scanpaper-based documents in full color ande-mail them in one of the PDF, JPEG, orTIFF file format directly from the ScanCenter 8800. As a result, you can sendthe scanned document simultaneously to alot of people.

Scan-to-Host Device
By pressing the “ Scan to Host Device” button, theproduct allows you to scan and save the scannedimage in the product’s memory and access the filevia the product’s embedded web page.

The scan-to-filing feature allows you to scanthe documents and save them to a folder ofa personal computer or any server in thenetwork including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, CIFS,Google Docs, or Microsoft SharePoint.

Scan and print characters at rear side of sheet
The product is embedded with an imprinterto allow you to print a given number ofcharacters at the back of one or all of yoursheets for effective indexing.

Without complex setting, the Scan Center 8800allows you to save your scanned image to aremovable disk (Flash) through the USB port.


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