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Distribution Powerhouse

Distributing your documents has never been easier with the Avision @V2800. Once linked to your network, it can scan and send your images over the internet, allowing it to scan directly to an email address, FTP server, printer, or any computer on the network. By digitalizing your documents and transmitting electronically, distribution of documents becomes faster, more cost effective, and simpler than ever before.

The @V2800 comes with a CCD sensor and a 600 dpi optical resolution, ensuring high quality scans every time. Duplex scanning is supported with the built-in ADF, with a capacity of 50 sheets.

Furthermore, the @V2800 also features built-in fax functions. Fax your scans on the spot, and rest assured the recipient is sent a quality image. No more blotched or indecipherable fax!

Operation of the @V2800 is aided by a large, color touch screen with user-friendly interface. In addition to the ease of use, the @V2800 also incorporates advanced security features including password authentication and administrative tools built into the system.

With such amazing performance and security, and full integration of the network, the @V2800 is set to become an irreplaceable part of your business.

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