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Kombination von Einzug- und Flachbett,

und dazu: schnelles Scannen!

Der AV1880 ist ein außergewöhnlicher High-Speed farb Duplex-Scanner. Er kann mit seinem automatischen Dokumenteneinzug nicht nur Dokumente verschiedenster Größen und Stärken scannen - mit Hilfe seines angegliederten Flachbettscanners schat er es auch Dokumente zu scannen, die nicht für den Einzug geeignet
sind. Der AV1880 erfasst alle wichtigen Informationen schnell und verlässlich. Der Papiertransport verspricht einen gleichmäßigen und zuverlässigen Papiertransport ohne
Papierstau. Er gewährleistet auch, daß dickes Papier mit bis zu 400g/m2 und geprägte Karten bis zu 1,25mm Stärke transportiert werden können. Der automatische Dokumenteneinzug des AV1880 fasst 50 Seiten und scannt bis zu 40 Seiten pro Minute. Ein absolut verläßlicher
Begleiter für ihre Dokumente.


A New Generation of Document Scanner

Enhanced with innovative features, the Avision AV1880 offers high throughput of 40 ppm and 80 ipm in a compact footprint conserving both space and budget. Unlike common sheet-fed scanners which provide only the auto document feeder and can not accommodate irregular sizes and weights of paper, the AV1880 harmoniously combines the benefits of the fast scan rate of the ADF and the convenience of the flatbed unit to meet customer’s diverse requirements.

Friction Roller Technology Enhances Feeding Reliability

Equipped with the innovative reverse roller technology for advanced paper separation from the auto document feeder, the AV1880 delivers outstanding feeding reliability for an even a wider variety of document types and weights.

A Duplex Scanner Suited for Document and Cards

Thanks to the advanced straight paper path and image processing technology, mixed batches of documents with varies sizes and weights can be scanned, appropriately cropped, deskewed, and ready to use. Scan size accepts paper from receipts (2” x 2.5”) to business document (8.5” x 14”). The auto document feeder is also robust enough to feed paper up to 200 g/m2 and embossed hard cards such as ID cards, credit cards, driver’s license, and health insurance card up to 1.25mm in thickness. What is best, up to 3 plastic ID cards in 0.8mm (thickness) and 20 pages of document in 20 lbs can be loaded together and scanned continuously without operator adjustments.

Earth-Friendly LED Technology

The AV1880 delivers high throughput and outstanding performance. However, it is earth-friendly at the same time. The LED technology requires no warm up time and is lower power consumption without generating mercury vapor as other traditional scanners using the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) technology.

High-Volume Daily Duty Cycle

The scanner can be used to scan up to 4,000 pages per day through the 50-page automatic document feeder. The data indicates that this scanner is designed to scan document in any application requiring frequent document and hard card scanning.

Powerful bundled software applications

The AV1880 come with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, and are bundled with a suite of powerful software applications that include Avision Button Manager V2, AvScan 5.0, and ScanSoft PaperPort 14 SE. With Button Manager V2, you can scan to searchable PDF, JPEG, BMP, or GIF file format, save to folder on your computer, and scan to e-mail, image editing application, or even a cloud application such as Google Docs or Microsoft SharePoint with a press of a button. The AVScan V5 and ScanSoft PaperPort are highly effective image processing and document management software that helps you streamline your task more efficiently.


Scans double-sided color documents up to legal size
Fast scan rate up to 40 pages per minute and 80 images per minute at 300 dpi in color, gray, or B&W mode
Friction roller technology delivers outstanding feeding reliability
Ultrasonic multi-feed detection
Earth-friendly LED technology
Compact auto document feeder holds documents up to 50 pages
Easy-to-use button scanning
Supports 118” (300cm ) long page scanning
Auto power off setting

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