MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PRO

A mobile scanner that scans anywhere, anytime

Experience the efficiency and convenience of a truly mobile scanner! Powered lithium battery, the MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PRO is a mobile scanner that allows you to scan without a computer or software. Simply gliding the scanner over the surface of a page and the scan is done. The images are then saved to a micro SD card up to 32G.


Product Details



Wireless design, scan images anywhere

The brand new portable scanner can be operated with a single hand. Powered by lithium battery, you do  not need to carry a heavy power adapter and hunt for an electric outlet anymore! Since no computer is required to start a scan, you can carry it to anywhere, anytime! Whenever on the road, in a plane, a car or a café, you can digitize almost everything right away! Whether standing or sitting, you can complete your scan by simply gliding it over a surface. Even the posters on the wall or a pretty carton can be easily digitized!

▍Preview images with 1.8” color LCD display

The Preview feature allows you to view your JPEG image on the color LCD screen for 2 seconds immediately after a scan to confirm the images you have just captured. In addition, you can also view all images individually or as a slideshow.

▍Start instant scan with the feeder dock

When the scanner is attached to the feeder dock, the Avision’s MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PRO allows you to start “instant scan” as soon as a page is fed into the feeding slot. The scan will be automatically started and the image is saved into a memory card with a predefined image mode and resolution. Furthermore, the whole unit allows you to scan paper up to legal size (216 x 355 mm or 8.5 x 14 inch).

▍View images in iPad

Through the mini USB port, the scanned documents can be easily transferred to iPad (with additional iPad Camera Kit) or any SmartPhone which supports USB Host or OTG capability.

▍Patented Double-Roller and Bookedge Design 

The innovative double roller technology delivers outstanding feeding reliability and image quality by significantly reducing the risk of skewing and distortion.  The bookedge design makes book scanning fast and easy.



▎Certification mark

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General Specification

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

Light Source


Document feeding mode

Hand-held & Sheet-fed

Output Resolution (dpi)


Memory Size

128 MB

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Scanner:10.1" x 1.6" x 1.3” (258 x 41 x 34 mm );Scanner+Docking:12.7" x 2.2" x 2.7" (322 x 69 x 57 mm)


663 g ( Docking:413 g )


USB 2.0 (Micro USB)

Power Consumption

2 W

Bundled Software


Scan Size
ADF Minimum

50 x 88 mm ( 2 x 3.5 in )

ADF Maximum

216 x 356 mm ( Legal )( 8.5 x 14 in. )

Paper Weight (Thickness )

1.0mm (card), 60 ~ 107 g/m² ( 16 to 28 lb )

Scanning Speed
B/W @ 300dpi, A4

0.6 sec ( Hand-held );6 sec ( Sheet-fed )

Color @ 300dpi, A4

0.6 sec ( Hand-held );6 sec ( Sheet-fed )

* The above specifications may vary due to computer performance and sales regions. For further details, please consult your local distributor.

▎Product Photos

High resolution Medium resolution Low resolution
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▎User Manual

MiWand 2 Wi-FiMulti-Language2.50 MBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-FiJapanese1.55 MBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-FiEnglish1.27 MBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-FiChinese Traditional1.57 MBDownload
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MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PROBrazilian Portuguese253.50 KBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PROEnglish194.39 KBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PRO繁體中文731.40 KBDownload
MiWand 2 Wi-Fi PRO简体中文719.83 KBDownload


NameVersionSizeOS SupportLink
PaperPort14455.79 MBWin XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10Download



  • Why can I still see scanned images deleted from Internet Explorer?

    Certain Internet Explorer 7 or 8 SP2 has particular problem to delete selected files and they reappear on SD Card. You can delete through LCD Preview and Delete or through PC-connect to delete physical files using Windows Explorer.

  • My browser can’t access the Avision PhotoView window and the Avision PhotoView slideshow window?

    It is probably the proxy settings has been enabled in your device’s browser or the URL address of your default page contains “https”. In these cases, please enter http://www.google.com or on the URL address. The Avision PhotoView page will be displayed.

  • Why can’t I connect to my email or other web related locations/programs after disconnecting from the scanner Wi-Fi network?

    To resume your normal Wi-Fi connection, be sure to re-connect your computer, tablet or phone to your usual local Wi-Fi network when you are finished with your scanner connection.

  • Why can’t I see the Scanner’s Wi-Fi Network ID [SSID]?

    Make sure the scanner Wi-Fi mode is in the On position. If Wi-Fi Access Point is still in countdown mode, wait until countdown reaches “00” is displayed on the LCD screen and the blue indicator light is On.

  • ▎Instruction

  • Why can’t I see my recently scanned images?

    Click the “Refresh” button of your browser or delete all browser session cache.

  • Why are my files are no longer accessible through the Wi-Fi connection?

    If using a microSD card, do not remove the microSD card while you are connected via Wi-Fi. If you have done so, you must restart the scanner to reconnect with Wi-Fi.

  • Why doesn’t my scanner scan?

    The scanner may be in the Wi-Fi mode, it must be in the OFF position before scanning. Before scanning photos or documents, the microUSB cable must be disconnected from the scanner.

  • Why do all the images I scanned have the same date when saved on the memory card? Is it possible to show real time for these images?

    Yes. Please follow these steps to set a real-time clock for the device:

    1. Open your browser and type Avision’s web site (http://www.avision.com) at the URL address. On the Product or Support page, select this mobile scanner and then download a time.txt file for the device.

    2. Make sure your scanner is inserted with a SD card and a battery full of power.

    3. Turn on your scanner and connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Your computer should recognize the scanner as a Removable Disk.

    4. Copy and paste the time.txt file to the root directory of the Removable Disk Drive.

    5. Open the text file. The text file contains a string in YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM format which indicates year(4- digit)/month(2-digit)/date(2-digit)/hour(2-digit)/minute(2- digit), for example, 2013/06/15/07/30.

    6. Change the date and time to correct values and then save the file.

    7. Turn off the scanner and then turn it on. Now your have completed setting the real-time clock for the device. Scan a document and save the image to the memory card. Connect the scanner to your computer, you will find the scanned images are displayed with correct date and time.

    • Note
    • Charge your battery when its power is running low.
    • If the battery has been replaced or the battery has no power at all, you will need to recharge the battery and repeat the above steps to set a real-time clock again.
  • Why are my scanned images distorted?

    You may be scanning too fast; scan again at a lower speed.

  • Why doesn’t my computer recognize my scanner when it’s connected via USB cable?

    Make sure the cable connection is correct and secure. Restart the computer if necessary.

  • The image can not be saved into the memory card while scanning?

    Make sure you have a microSD™ card inserted correctly, and that it has adequate space.

  • ▎Hardware Related

  • Will the battery power get used up faster when Wi-Fi mode is on?

    Yes. When Wi-Fi mode is on, the scanner does not time-out and automatically turnoff like it does normally. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi mode when images have been downloaded onto your computer.

  • How can I tell if the scanner is scanning at 300 dpi, 600 dpi or 1200 dpi?

    The color of the Power button light indicates the selected resolution: Green = 300 dpi, Orange = 600 dpi , Red = 1200 dpi. Press the Power button to change the resolution.

  • Should the scanner feel warm to the touch?

    It is normal for the scanner to emit a small amount of heat after prolonged use. However, if there are strange odors coming from the scanner or the scanner feels a little bit hot to the touch, turn the scanner off immediately.

  • Why there are strange lines on the scanned document?

    Please check the following:

    1. Are there scratches on the original or is the original clean?

    2. Remove any stains or dust from the original before scanning.

    3. Clean the rollers and glass with the included cleaning cloth. (Refer to the section “Cleaning the Rollers and Glass)

  • Why does not my scanner turn on?

    The batteries may not enough power or may not be inserted correctly.