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Name of Department Job Description
General Manager Execute the resolutions of the board directors and manage the company's business
Audit Office Review the company's auditing affairs and planning, supervision, execution and follow-up of the company's internal auditing affairs
R&D I 1.Product development, design, verification, problem analysis and solution implementation
2.Model production, tool development, test, repair and acceptance.
3.System integration testing and verification.
R&D II 1.Potential product development, design, verification, problem analysis and solution implementation
2.The software and firmware development and verification of printer/MFP
3.New product development planning, specification definition and cost management
Sales & Marketing、Project Managing Cente 1.Marketing/customer developing, exhibition planning and execution.
2.Sales forecast, order execution and order payment follow-up.
3.After sales service and product technical support.
4.Project management.
5.Product package design and planning
6.Planning and drafting of user's guides and maintenance manual.
Legal and Intelligent Right Dept. 1.Drafting, reviewing, revising and consulting contracts and various legal documents.
2.Corporate insurance, document with official signature, corporate litigation and business affairs handling. Patent application, maintenance, technical consultation.
3.Trademark application, maintenance, investigation and research.
Occupational Safety and Health 1.Planning, execution, maintenance and management of occupational safety and health and environmental protection affairs.
Administration Office 1.The Finance Department in charge of the company's financial control and utilization and stock affairs related matters.
2.The Ministry of Public Affairs in charge of the planning, execution, maintenance and management of the company's public affairs (general affairs, factory facility, etc.) and environmental protection affairs.
3.The Human Resources Division responsible for the recruitment/selection/education/use/retention of human resources and other five talent development planning and execution.
Information Technology 1.The Purchasing Department in charge of supplier development and management, procurement, price inquiry, and cost analysis.
2.The product control and material management department is in charge of the management and inventory of shipments, inventory, and accounting; production planning and progress control, bonded tasks, and import and export related quotations and contract confirmation.
3.The head of the manufacturing department executes the production schedule, control the production progress and quality control; burns the F/W, HD, FLASH, and CPU required by each model; monitoring 5S activities and improvements.
Safety Regulation and Document Control Center 1.Introduction of new product trial production, analysis and solution of engineering problems.
2.Design, production, testing and maintenance of production clamps and fixtures.
3.SOP drafting and PCBA process improvement for various models.
4.Test Chart production, outsourcing, and verification.
Quality Assurance 1.With quality system management as the main axis, maintain/improve the integrity and smoothness of the company's processes, confirm the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures; ensure that the instruments used in the factory meet the management requirements.
2.With system reliability as the main axis, assist research & development、marketing demand、and complete new product development. Responsible for the drawing and specification inspection of raw materials, quality engineering and auditing of raw materials/finished products.