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Since its establishment 30 years ago, Avision has dedicated itself to the innovation and development of scanners, printers and MFPs to deliver products that meet customers’ needs. As product and product concept are developed based on users’ perspective, Avision aims to offer best user experience by simplifying the operation procedure and implementing truly user-friendly user interfaces.

Combining expertise from various fields including image processing, printing, precision machinery, system control, LPH(LED Print Head) core technology, and chip development, Avision is one of the few companies who have the capabilities of developing and manufacturing products. With strong capability in development and outstanding product quality, Avision has become the top choice for renown worldwide suppliers as well as government agencies.

A Trusted partner

With more than 230 R&D personnel, outstanding developing capability and excellent product quality, Avision has earned the respect and been a favorite choice by global government departments and large enterprises. Since its establishment, Avision has obtained 1,571 patents internationally and established partner relationship with 432 large global enterprises, 107 public companies and 26 government departments. With more than 520 models successfully designed and produced, and long-term partner relationship with major international manufacturers, Avision is the high-quality invisible champion!

Avision's Achievement

Exquisite performance comes from professionalism

Avision's Achievement

Professional Technology
And Reliable Quality

Avision has been dedicated itself to the development and manufacturing of the scanners, printers, and multifunction productions for more than thirty years. With the professional and rich experience, strong R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology, Avision has established itself as one of the world-class leading brand.

in 1991

Innovative Design to
Save Your Space

Designed for Ease of Use

The Avision AD series of scanners feature a unique and stylish design as both the input and output paper tray can be folded when not in use. The paper tray also helps to protect the unit from dust without taking up a lot of space.

Curved Path and Straigt Path

Avision’s AD215/AD8120 series of scanners provide u-turn or straight paper path to satisfy a variety of scanning tasks. Using the straight paper path ensures high reliability with thick documents such as plastic card, ID card, long paper, or more fragile documents and reduces the risk of being damaged.

Scan mixed size documents at once

Thanks to the advanced straight paper path and image processing technology, mixed batches of documents with varies sizes from A3 to business card and weights from embossed plastic card or ID cards can be scanned, appropriately cropped, deskewed, and ready to use in one time. 

Excellent Paper Protection

The design of reverse roller

The innovative reverse roller design uses the reverse principle to hold the next sheet of paper to avoid double-feeding effectively improves the stability of paper feeding. Reliable paper separation ability allows the scanners to load documents of different sizes and thicknesses at the same time while each page of documents or cards can still be fed smoothly avoiding the risk of skewed images and multi-feed errors.

Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection

Advanced ultrasonic multi-feed detector detects overlapped document or documents containing sticky notes, taped receipts, and labels. Once a multi-feed is detected, the scan will be stopped immediately, and the user will be notified of multi-feeds on the computer simultaneously to avoid lost images or wasting the time to rescan.

Dependable Image Quality

Avision develops its own image processing features based on user experience. These useful features includes auto color detection, auto color matching, blank page removal, noise removal, auto crop and straightening. With these features, a ready-to-use crisp image can be obtained each time you scan!  Scanning has become as easy as a breeze!

*Avision Scanner(left) / Other scanners(right)

Auto Color Detection
Auto Deskew
Auto Crop
Blank Page Removal
Color Correction
Multifeed Detection

Self-developed LPH Module

The LPH is composed of LEDs and a Selfoc Lens Array (SLA). The light source emitted by each LED is irradiated onto the photosensitive drum through the SLA, thereby generating an image, which is then printed on the paper through the charged toner.

Avision uses its self-developed control chip to solve the printing quality problems of controlling the luminous intensity and time accuracy of each LED caused by the traditional LED technology. The controlling chip is also able to continuously and automatically monitor the status of each LED to ensure that the entire LED array does not deviate, and thereby improve the accuracy and stability of printing to avoid poor brightness control, LED deflection and bending resulting in uneven and unstable imaging. With the advancement of the controlling chip, high-speed and high-quality printing can be achieved.

Compared with the laser printers, the LED printers do not require large and complex optical systems or driving components. Therefore the size and weight of the machine can be significantly reduced, and the machine can be more power-efficient and easier to maintain. In addition, the machine can be used immediately after turning on without the need of a warm-up.

Powerful Bundled Software Applications

With the bundled driver and software application, Avision lets your scanning task more efficient!

Image and Scanner Interface Specification

Image and Scanner Interface Specification

Quick setting for the physical buttons on the scanner

Provide a variety of output file formats

Provide document editing and processing functions

Business card management software