A New Generation of Document Scanner

Enhanced with innovative features, the Avision AD345GFWN offers high throughput of 60 ppm and 120 ipm in a compact footprint conserving both space and budget. Unlike common sheet-fed scanners which provide only the auto document feeder and can not accommodate irregular sizes and weights of paper, the AD345GFWN harmoniously combines the benefits of the fast scan rate of the ADF and the convenience of the flatbed unit to meet customer’s diverse requirements.
What is best, with Avision’s advanced image processor, the scanned image can be automatically cropped, straightened, and optimized with enhanced speed.

Product Details



A network document scanner

With the network port at the back side, this product allows you to use it as a network scanner.  This means users in the intranet environment can share the scanner and obtain the scanned image from their individual computer. What is best, the network scanner allows you to switch to other computers in the LAN, users in the LAN can really enjoy the scan and collect the image from their own computers!

Mobile scanning via Wi-Fi connection

Built-in with a Wi-Fi dongle, the AD345GFWN can work as a wireless device to scan and receive images directly from your mobile devices through Avision’s App.

Color, and Graphical LCD Display

The AD345GFWN is easy to use through the clear and color 1.77” LCD display and buttons on the panel. By selecting your destination and pressing the “Scan” button, the scan can be done and the scanned image can be sent to your specified destination application such as e-mail, printer, or your favorable image-editing software application. Up to nine frequently used scan settings and destinations can be preset for different scanning needs.

A Duplex Scanner Suited for Document and Cards

Thanks to the advanced straight paper path and image processing technology, mixed batches of documents with varies sizes and weights can be scanned, appropriately cropped, deskewed, and ready to use. Scan size accepts paper from receipts (2” x 2”) to business document (8.5 x 14 in.). The auto document feeder is also robust enough to feed paper up to 413 g/m(110 lbs) and embossed hard cards such as ID cards, credit cards, driver’s license, and health insurance card up to 1.25mm in thickness.

High-Volume Daily Duty Cycle

The scanner can be used to scan up to 10,000 pages per day through the 100-page automatic document feeder. The data indicates that this scanner is designed to scan document in any application requiring frequent document and hard card scanning.

Reverse Roller Enhances Feeding Reliability

Designed with the innovative reverse roller for advanced paper separation capability, the AD345GFWN delivers outstanding feeding reliability and operating productivity by effectively reducing the risk of a multi-feed or paper jam.

Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection

With the ultrasonic multi-feed detection capability, the scanner allows you to set overlapped paper by detecting paper thickness between documents. The ultrasonic function can be turned off when scanning document with labels, sticky notes, or taped receipts. This innovative design prevents double feeding and effectively scans documents of different weights or thickness.

Automatic multiple images cropping

In addition, the scanner comes with the convenient feature of multiple images cropping. With this feature, various sizes of documents such as photos, ID Cards, or business cards can be placed on the flatbed and the scanner is able to crop and create multiple images according to the original sizes of the documents in one single scan.

Earth-Friendly LED Technology

The AD345GFWN delivers high throughput and outstanding performance. However, it is earth-friendly at the same time. The LED technology requires no warm up time and is lower power consumption without generating mercury vapor as other traditional scanners using the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) technology.

Powerful bundled software applications

The AD345GFWN come with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, and are bundled with a suite of powerful software applications that include Avision Button Manager , AVScan , and PaperPort . With Button Manager , you can scan to searchable PDF, JPEG, BMP, or GIF file format, save to folder on your computer, and scan to e-mail, image editing application, or even a cloud application such as Google Drive, or Microsoft SharePoint with a press of a button. The AVScan and PaperPort are highly effective image processing and document management software that helps you streamline your task more efficiently.



  • Fast scan rate up to 60 pages per minute and 120 images per minute at 200 dpi in gray, or B&W mode
  • Fast scan rate up to 45 pages per minute and 90 images per minute at 300 dpi in color, gray, or B&W mode
  • Auto crop and deskew a document with the advanced Avision-developed image processing unit to enhance the scanning speed
  • 100-page auto document feeder (80 g/m2)
  • Daily duty cycle up to 10,000 sheets
  • Reverse roller technology delivers outstanding feeding reliability
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 for high speed transmission
  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection
  • Earth-friendly LED technology
  • Compact auto document feeder holds documents up to 100 pages
  • Easy-to-use button scanning
  • Supports 240” (6096 mm, 200 dpi, color duplex ) long page scanning
  • Auto power off setting


▎Certification mark

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General Specification

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

Light Source


Document feeding mode

ADF, Flatbed

Optical Resolution (dpi)


Output Resolution (dpi)


File Formats

BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, Single-Page PDF, Multi-Page PDF, Multi-TIFF, TIFF, RTF, TXT, OCR( for iScan only ), XPS, DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML

Halftone Patterns

Dither and Error Diffusion

Grayscale mode

16-bit input 8-bit output

Color mode

48-bit input 24-bit output

Memory Size


Dimensions (WxDxH)

Maximum:754 x 321 x 301.4 mm (29.7 x 12.6 x 11.9 in), Minimum:545 x 321 x 231.3 mm ( 21.4 x 12.6 x 9.1 in)


6.9 kg


USB3.2 Gen1x1

Network connection

RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb, Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi standard

IEEE 802.1b/g/n

Power Consumption

Operation < 37.22 W;Ready < 8.11 W;Sleep < 2.17 W;Off < 0.1 W

Acoustical Noise

Operation < 52 dB;Ready < 25 dB

Recommended Daily Volume

Up to 10,000 sheets

OS Support

Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win11

Bundled Software

TWAIN Driver, ISIS Driver, Button Manager, PaperPort, AVScan, WIA Driver, WorldCard Team

Ultrasonic paper jam detection


Long Paper Mode

Up to 200 dpi Color Duplex 240 in. ( 6096 mm );Up to 300 dpi Color Duplex 218 in. ( 5540 mm );Up to 600 dpi Color Duplex 59 in. ( 1500 mm )

Card Scan

Embossed card ( Thickness 1.25 mm )

Scan Size
ADF Minimum

50 x 50 mm

ADF Maximum

216 x 356 mm ( Legal )( 8.5 x 14 in. )

Flatbed Maximum

216 x 356 mm (Legal) ( 8.5 x 14 in )

ADF Capacity

100 sheets ( A4 : 80 g/m² or 20 lb. )

Paper Weight (Thickness )

27g ~ 413 g/m² ( 7 to 110 lb )

ID card thickness

Embossed card ( Thickness 1.25 mm )

Scanning Speed
B/W @ 200dpi, A4

Simplex : 60 ppm;Duplex :120 ipm, Flatbed : 1.5 sec

B/W @ 300dpi, A4

Simplex : 60 ppm;Duplex : 120 ipm, Flatbed : 1.5 sec

Color @ 200dpi, A4

Simplex : 60 ppm;Duplex : 120 ipm, Flatbed : 1.5 sec

Color @ 300dpi, A4

Flatbed : 1.5 sec, Simplex : 45 ppm;Duplex : 90 ipm

* The above specifications may vary due to computer performance and sales regions. For further details, please consult your local distributor.

▎Product Photos

High resolution Medium resolution Low resolution
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▎User Manual

AD345GFN / AD345GFWN简体中文6.86 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWN繁體中文6.88 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNDeutsch6.23 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNEnglish6.71 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNEspañol6.40 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNFrançais6.30 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNעברית7.16 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNItaliano6.43 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWN日本語7.19 MBDownload
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AD345GFN / AD345GFWNPolski7.02 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNPortuguês10.14 MBDownload
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AD345GFWNEnglish373.89 KBDownload
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▎Quick Guide

AD345GFN / AD345GFWNMultiple Languages (Ethernet)1.64 MBDownload
AD345GFN / AD345GFWNMultiple Languages2.30 MBDownload


NameVersionSizeOS SupportLink
Virtual Scanner Link2023011758.12 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
PaperPort14455.79 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
World Card TeamV3.0.0.0(WCT)235 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
ButtonManager V2V3.0.0.0595 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download
AVScan XV1.2.1.1549.70 MBWin 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download


NameVersionSizeOS SupportLink
AD345GFWNVB.20143.28 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11Download


  • Others: Recognize Fail.

    Icon (For model with LCD screen only)

    User Check

    1. Check if the scanner has been connected to a computer via a USB cable.

    AD200/300 series scanner

    AD6000/8000 series scanner

    2. Check if the scanner driver has been installed.
    3. Or you may check if the right driver has been successfully installed by choosing Device Manager>Image Device from the Control Panel.

  • Others: No Power.

    User Check

    1. Check if the scanner has been connected properly to a power source.

    AD200/300 series scanner

    AD6000/8000 series scanner

  • Image Problem: Moire Pattern.

    User Check

    1. Open TWAIN user interface. In the Image tab, select 600 dpi from the Resolution option and try again.

  • Others: Scanner is Unable to Perform Scanning.


    User Check

    1. If you connect the scanner via the Virtual Scanner Link software, after you pressing the Scan button via the image-editing software application, please also go to the scanner side to press the Scan button or the Right Arrow button ( ▶) again.

  • Others: Wi-fi Function didn't Work.

    User Check

    1. Please check if your scanner model ends with "WN". If so, this mean you have a built-in Wi-Fi module for your scanner.
    2. Press the setting icon (gear icon) on the screen and make sure the Wi-Fi function has been turned on.

    3. For mobile scan, press the setting icon (the gear icon) on the screen and ensure the Wi-Fi Direct Link function has been turned on.

    In the Wi-Fi setting of your Android-based mobile phone, when you connect to the scanner’s Wi-Fi SSID, you will be prompted with [The network has no internet access. Stay connected? ] dialog box. Please do not ignore this dialog box and must choose [yes]. Then use our MB app (scan app) to start a scan. The MB app can be downloaded for free in Google Play or App Store.

  • ▎Software

  • Others: Button didn't Work.

    User Check

    1. Please verify if you mean you can not perform a scan by pressing the Scan button on the scanner. If so, make sure that Button Manager V2 has been installed on your computer. Then launch Button Manager V2, the Button Manager icon will be displayed on the system tray.

    2. Or check if the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service has been started by selecting Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Administrative Tools>Service.

    3.Finally, make sure you have installed .Net framework 4.5.1 & C++ 2010/2015 on your computer. You can find the program in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Avision\Button Manager\Prerequisite and install them all.

  • Image Problem: Color Variation.

    User Check

    1. Open TWAIN user interface. In the Image tab, we suggest to select Document from the Color Matching option and try again if your scan the documet of offical type.

  • Others: Virtual Scanner Link does not Find Your Scanner.

    User Check

    1. Check if the scanner has an IP address. If your scanner is located in difference network segment, add the IP manually on the Virtual Scanner Link.
    For example, if the IP of your PC is and the IP of your scanner is, then you need to add the scanner’s IP manually.

  • Image Problem: Gray Background.

    User Check

    1. Open TWAIN user interface. In the Image tab, select your choice to fit your original from the Color Matching option and try again. Or you may enhance the level of contrast.

  • ▎Hardware Related

  • Error Code 2024: NVRAM R/W Test Error.


    User Check

    1. Turn your scanner off and on.

  • Error Code 2037: ADF Front/Rear AFE R/W Test Error.


    User Check

    1. Turn your scanner off and on.

  • Error Code 3006: Lamp Error (Lower Optical Unit).


    User Check

    1. Turn your scanner off and on.

  • Error Code 2014: ADF Cover Open.


    User Check

    1. Close the front cover.

    2. Check the front cover has been completely closed without any gap.

  • Error Code 3010: Lamp error (Upper Optical Unit).


    User Check

    1. Turn your scanner off and on.

  • Error Code 3003: DRAM R/W Test Error.


    User Check

    1. Turn your scanner off and on.