CapsoCam Plus

Theunique 360˚ wire-free capsule endoscope can capture panoramic gastrointestinal tract image when capsule passes through the tract without wearing receiver. The software CapvoView and co-designed reader CapsoAccess make image downloading easier and doctor’s checking quicker.

CapsoCam Plus can be substituted for gastroscopy and colonoscopy, for doctors to reach the area where the traditional endoscopes hardly approach, such as Iron deficiency, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac disease and obscure gastrointestinal bleeding in small intestine.

Patients can swallow CapsoCam Plus easily without anesthesia, without wearing receiver, without pain, and act normally after swallowing capsule. The user who has metal, electronic device implant or whose BMI>40 can use CapsoCam Plus.

Product Details

CapsoCam Plus

Unique 360˚ panoramic capsule endoscope

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FDA、CE、TFDA approval

CapsoCam Plus and its accessories have had FDA, CE and TFDA approvals, and been sold in more than 50 countries; CapsoVision Inc grants to Avision an exclusive distributionship right in Taiwan!

Unique 360˚ panoramic capsule endoscope

CapsoCam Plus has four cameras to form the 360˚ lateral panoramic image, not an end facing capsules which may have invalid images passing through winding intestine. The detection rate is higher than 97%

15 hours battery life

Built-in Batteries make can make CapsoCam Plus take whole GI tract image for more than 15 hours.

No receiver, no pressure

CapsoCam Plus stores image in the on-board memory, patients can move freely without wearing data receivers and sensors after swallowing the CapsoCam Plus. There is no cost for receiver storage, installation time, and sterilization of receiver patch.

Four simple steps to an accurate diagnosis

(1)Patient swallows CapsoCam Plus with the aid of technician
(2)Patient retrieves the CapsoCam Plus
(3)Technician downloads the image
(4)Physician quickly reviews the images.

Good design of software and reader save time

Powerful software CapsoView and easy-to-use reader CapsoAccess make downloading image effective in 30 minutes.

Easily view exam with CapsoView

The physicians will be involved only in the final step of process with innovative CapsoView to view image and generate a comprehensive report



1. Both MAC & Window compatible.
2. Red detection for possible bleeding position
3. User-friendly and customized comprehensive report
4. Functions for flexible contrast adjustment,  advanced color enhancement and targeted magnification
5. Precision speed control and intuitive playback options for playing video.
6. Quick image Capture for reviewing and report.
7. Expended viewing modes makes image review process easier and faster.
8. Enchanced reference library for image comparsion  


Easy-to-use reader! technician inserts CapsoCam Plus (battery-end up), close the lid then download image with CapsoView.


CapsoRetrieve is a sanitary, single-use kit to collect, store and transport CapsoCam Plus


Vivien Chen

Taiwan Avision Inc.








Battery Life(h)


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* The above specifications may vary due to computer performance and sales regions. For further details, please consult your local distributor.


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